1. Orders

Esteemed Customers, at the moment I’m working with catalogues. (E-shop is in process). So, to make an order, please, download the catalogue you would like here, choose an article & email me your request. I will email you back the invoice & the order details. 

2. Catalogues

You can find latest catalogues here.

3. Cancel the Order

Esteemed Customers, please, take into consideration that my articles are hand-crafted & customized. So, please, do you best to make a final decision before ordering. Once the order is in process, you have 24 hours to cancel it. 30% fee is charged if it is done later. 

4. Payment

We accept bank transfer, credit cards, Paypal payments. For orders above 150€ bank transfer only. Payments are secure. 

5. Delivery

Delivery is provided worldwide free of charge. For very big orders (above 2kg) -special price. 

6. Package

I prefer paper & cloth to reduce the amount of plastic. Nevertheless, if you need a plastic package, please, inform me beforehand. 

7. Exchange


8. For Business

I’m engaged with business gift projects. Just send me your project & we will make it true. 

9. Anti-fraud policy

Esteemed colleagues & visitors, I do respect you so I would like to remember that stealing of creative ideas is a serious crime & violation of the Divine law. Please, let’s respect each other! Thank you!

Articles “Maria Rosellini Design” are protected with copyright. 



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